The Law Office Nikola Lazarov LL. M provides complete legal services in all areas.
Our team has a great experience in the fields below:

Labor relations / Labor Law
  • Compliance with the labor law regulations
  • Employment Contracts
  • Regulation of employment of foreigners
  • Questions related to labor relations
  • Resolving disputes and litigation
Obligation Law
  • Basic arrangement of Obligations
  • Conclusion and dissolution of contracts of any kind
  • Obligations in terms of supply of goods and services
  • Regulation of debtor - creditor relations
Business Law
  • Establishment, management and termination of any kind of company
  • Bankruptcy and Liquidation
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Privatization
  • Organization and corporate governance
  • Due diligence report
  • Tax assessments and special regulatory basis
Commercial Law
  • Representation in commercial disputes
  • Taking any kind of legal action
  • Preparation of any kind of applications and documentation
Infrastructure & Projects
  • Negotiations
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  • Project Agreements
  • Project Finance
  • Management
  • Legal Due Dilligence
Administrative Law
  • Representation in administrative procedures
Law on the Games of Chance and Entertainment Games
  • - Law Office Nikola Lazarov LL. M provides legal services and advice in all aspects of the Law on the Games of Chance and Entertainment Games of Republic of Macedonia.
Banking and Finance
  • Banking and Finance Agreements
  • Banking and Finance Litigation
  • Transactions
  • Legal advice regarding stock exchange
  • Investment Arrangements
  • Financial consulting and audits
  • Legal, financial and accounting services
Intellectual property
  • Anti Counterfit and Anti Piracy
  • Copyrights
  • Intellectual property agreements
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Trademark, patent and design management
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
Tax Law
  • Income tax
  • Excise and customs duties
  • Local taxes
  • Tax procedure and litigation
  • Transactions
  • Avoiding double taxation advice
Penal Law
  • Representation in criminal proceedings

This is only a part of our extensive experience that we can offer to you.